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The Story Continues

In the summer of 2012, Taylor decided it was time to become a legal distillery. Now, depending on where you are located, that task will look different. For the federal end, it's pretty much the same. For the state end, NC was just then coming into its potential for distilleries. Let's just say if the state was a growing child, it was most definitely at that age where it thought it knew everything and fought anything outside of what was comfortable and "normal." Upon the conception of the Distillery, we were initially "H&H Distillery," standing for Howard and Howard. On July 6th, 2012, the legal paperwork was filed and all the pieces were falling into place for the small craft beverage vision.


This brings us to our most exciting upcoming event. Our 10-year anniversary! It certainly does not feel as though we have been on this journey for 10 years, but marriage, a child, 3 locations, and offshoots of our business brand later, it's a fact. We want to celebrate with you, whether it be with our online giveaways on Instagram, or in person at our Cheers to 10 Years party, we are not only celebrating our success, but the family and friends we have gained who have supported us over the years. Over the years we have grown from just 2 team members to 11 plus, added a downtown retail store that we were able to double in size in just 2 years, and established an online subscription cocktail box program. Not to mention our 7 regular spirits on release, with several more to come this year! We are so grateful for our team and those who have supported us. We are far from where we envision ourselves, but then again, it's not about the end result, it's about the journey.

Celebrate with us the weekend of July 8,9 and 10th at our downtown retail location. We will also be live streaming some of our events, and even more fun doing our IG giveaways from now until our celebration. Stay tuned to our social media, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed! Details and itinerary to be released soon.


Craving something different for cocktail hour? Let us shake it up for you, with this unique subscription box. Delivered directly to your door, as often or little as you choose.

Each box comes with craft ingredients to make 16 cocktails, a recipe, instructions, and depending on your choice of box, even the utensils, and glassware!

Ok, I get it: it's hard to make cocktails at home. I really even doubted myself, honestly! I mean, I'm not even sure what I am asking for at the bar half the time, let alone make it myself! I have gotten better at craft cocktails over the years, but this box is made for anyone, at any level. From the Budding Bartender to the Mad Mixologist, everyone will easily find the perfect fit. We would love for you to share your secret with your friends, but we totally get it if you just master the cocktail and never tell, basking in the glory of your success with all your super impressed guests. We won't judge.

This program was developed by our OG bartender, manager extraordinaire, Kelsey. Her passion for the industry shines through each carefully thought out recipe, and besides, when has your bartender ever lied to you?

We trust her so much, she is now our CFO. She still makes the best cocktail! Brains, beauty, and the life of happy hour. How did we get so lucky?

Go ahead, check it out.

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