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Cultivated Cocktails

Do Everything In Good Spirits


Hazel 63 Rum

The sipping desire of whiskey, the cocktail desire of rum.

This award-winning premium Rum is made with fine select molasses and Western Carolina’s crisp mountain water. After the choice cuts are collected from distillation, Hazel 63 is finished on new, French and American Oak. From raw material to finished product, Hazel 63 Rum is cooked, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled all in small batches in our main production facility.

Hazel 63 Rum is a uniquely aged and dry rum, easily enjoyed simply on the rocks. Or, take your cocktail to the next level with premium rum.

Shades of Rosé Gin

"Here's to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life."  - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Introducing a classy barrel-rested gin. For those looking to sip on beautiful booze, we bring you Shades of Rosé. 90 proof gin, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald, to see life through rose-colored glasses.

This gin is crafted with 9 botanicals, then rested in red wine barrels from Raylen Vineyards. The rose color is obtained naturally through the resting process over a two-month time period.

Shades of Rosé can be sipped simply on the rocks, or paired with tonic and a variety of craft cocktail options.

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Asheville Vodka

We carefully filter our vodka through a specialty silver impregnated carbon filter.

What does this mean?

We have taken a vintage distilling process and added our modern twist to provide the smoothest sipping vodka your palate has yet to experience. Yes, it's that good.

Cheers to a clean, vibrant, mountain-infused life!​​

Hwy 9 Gin

Classy Sipping Gin.

This award-winning premium gin is made with nine aromatic botanicals, four of which bring a bright and pleasing citrus flavor to your palate.  With freshly zested lime artfully added to our batch directly before distillation, along with grapefruit, lemon, and orange,  the flavor is unmatched. Bottled all in small batches in our production facility.

Enjoy your cocktail with a superb gin, designed to please the connoisseurs.

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Asheville Coffee Liqueur 

Where morning motivation meets evening relaxation.

Our Asheville Coffee Liqueur is every coffee-lovers dream. The family recipe has long been putting smiles on the Howard's faces, and they have decided to share the love. 

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla defines the class and taste of this quality liqueur. Easily sipped, poured over your ice cream, added to your indulgent cocktail, or spiking your morning coffee (we wont tell!). This product can be enjoyed a variety of delicious ways! Asheville Coffee Liqueur does not disappoint.

Asheville Crème de Cacao

Our second foray into liqueur making, this rich liqueur is best suited where booze drinkers and chocolate lovers overlap.


Produced in collaboration with local chocolatiers at French Broad Chocolates, we utilize pure Nicaraguan Single Origin Cacao and let the chocolate do the talking. Our corn-based vodka is blended to perfection with plant-based sugars to sweeten, and a touch of water for balance, so the flavor you taste is all in the chocolate.

 A flavor that began in Nicaragua, curated by French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and cultivated by us.

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Appalachian Aperitif

This Cultivated creation is juicy to its core.


While drawing inspiration from the generations of moonshiners that hailed in the mountains surrounding us, we created this crisp aperitif as a modern twist of a cherished apple pie moonshine tradition. This corn-based spirit is decorated with an array of earthy spices and blended with the driest of hard apple ciders. We lightly age the blend in red wine barrels soaked with our crowd pleasing Shades of Rosé Gin and use only the juice from local fresh-pressed apples as a natural sweetener. You can enjoy this aperitif true to form: on its own as a low ABV pallet prepper, or try it topped with your favorite sparkling wine.

Steel Horse Whisky

Our limited batch whisky is truly where the journey meets the reward.


This smooth whisky is made with a bourbon mash that is comprised of corn, wheat, and malt barley. We take the time to age using three different methods, the last of which includes spinning it in Charred American Oak barrels for a distance of 2,000 miles. This unique aging method created by owner, Taylor Howard, adds a slight caramel-esque sweetness from the increased agitation in the barrels. The Whisky, as a result is smooth--easily sipped on and equally delicious in cocktails.  

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Asheville Ginger Cordial

This sweet and spicy cordial is all about balance.

Whether being used as an apothecary staple or a flavor enhancer, ginger represents a long history of diverse use, and mixologists have certainly embraced that. This dynamic corn-based spirit will awaken your senses with the zing of fresh ginger root, while the sweetness of the pure cane sugar will leave you wanting more. Our Ginger Cordial will spice up your cocktails with a clean and vibrant ginger flavor that bites with the freshness of raw ginger in every sip. Enjoy it in your favorite Mule, or anywhere you'd enjoy a touch of candied ginger.

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