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Getting Your Whip Just Right

How to hop onboard the Dalgona Coffee trend train!

Dalgona coffee is the new trend everyone is trying, however it's been adopted in many different cultures and countries prior to its most recent internet popularity.



For a successful velvety whipped topping a whipping agent and a sweetener must be present. Whipping agents we use include heavy whipping cream, egg whites, or aquafaba for a vegan-friendly whipped cocktail. The secret behind the fluffy texture in dalgona coffee is the instant coffee, which has emulsifying agents that are added to the coffee during the dehydrating process.


Granulated sugar works best with whipped toppings, however it is possible to make versions with artificial sweeteners, coconut sugars, brown sugar, or even leaving out the sweetening agent completely. The consistency does not last as long as it would with sugar added, and often times the froth never reaches the same foamy texture as it would otherwise. 



If you don't have a frother or electric mixer handy, you can whisk by hand, however a whisk will be more successful than a spoon or fork. Prepare your whipped toppings in a large mixing glass or bowl--there needs to be enough air flow! Getting a good whipped topping can take anywhere from 4 minutes to 15 minutes depending on your ingredients and instruments being used. Patience is a virtue and practice makes perfect!

Power in Numbers

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