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Blending Cocktails

Get some pointers on blending your cocktails to perfection.

Whether you love frozen margaritas, daiquiris, piña coladas, or you're just looking to make your favorite cocktails into slushies, the blender is an easy way to prepare delicious cocktails at home. Here are some steps to follow when using a blender for your cocktails.

  1. Always use crushed ice. If you don't have an ice maker with a crushed ice function, try adding ice to a cocktail shaker and shake it up before adding to the blender. This will help your blades last longer.

  2. Measure! You don't have to prepare blended cocktails in bulk. We prefer to make them drink by drink so there's not cocktail sitting in the blender getting watered down.

  3. Start with less ice and add more as necessary. We typically start by only adding enough ice to fill the bottom of the blender (around 1 cup). Take a sip and see how it is. Sometimes less is more!

  4. Start at a lower speed, then build up. While this also protects your blender, it ensures you wont come across any big ice chunks or potential fruit/ingredient chunks.

  5. If your cocktail is too thin and watery, add more ice and blend a second time. If the cocktail is too chunky, add a bit more of a liquid element in the drink and blend again. (Start small!)

  6. In case of brain freeze: Have a warmish beverage on hand, or place your tongue (or thumb) on the roof of your mouth to help warm it up!

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