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Aquafaba vs. Egg Whites

Perfect your foamy cocktails with Aquafaba.

Never used Aquafaba before? Here's what you need to know.

Aquafaba is a vegan egg substitute that is a legume brine--essentially it is the liquid leftover from boiling chick peas. Vör Foods has gone a step further and dried this liquid into a fine powder to make all of our lives much easier. Even if you aren't vegan, if you love the fluffy foam and silky texture that an egg white brings to a cocktail, if you've been too scared to try drinking what seems to be raw eggs, or if you simply can't get past the smell of them, aquafaba is the simple solution!


  1. Aquafaba will not compromise the taste profile of your cocktails. Similar to fat washing your spirits, egg whites will soften the kick of the alcohol in your cocktails. With aquafaba your booze will still be present.

  2. No more concern for food-borne illnesses that accompany using egg whites in cocktails. The worry of salmonella is not an issue with aquafaba, so it eliminates the need for extra care and safety measures. 

  3. The technique is the same. Similar to using egg whites, a double shake does the trick--once dry without ice for 10-15 seconds to break down the proteins and emulsify, and again with ice to chill down your drink.

  4. Storage is easier and lasts longer. 4 ounces of aquafaba powder is equivalent to 42 eggs or 64 egg whites and has a shelf life of two years.

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