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Adding Jam to Your Cocktails

How to use household staples like jams, jellies and preserves in your cocktails.

Jams, jellies, and preserves are a staple in most people's households, and they can really add a lot to a cocktail for very low effort. Here are some things to keep in mind when adding them to your cocktails:


Jams are sweet and contain plenty of sugar. When adding jam in to your usual recipes, you'll want to back off of any other sweetening agent in the drink, if not replace them completely. 


Fruit is typically pretty acidic, so in recipes calling for citrus like lemon or lime juice, less is needed when jams, jellies, or preserves are present.


Often times you will come across chunky textures with jam cocktails, which can make for some uneven sips and poorly blended flavors. If you are adding jam to a cocktail that is shaken, shake hard! If you prefer to add jams and the like to spirit forward and stirred cocktails, double strain using a fine mesh strainer along with your hawthorne or julep strainer to avoid any large inconsistent chunks.

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