Our Story

Locally Crafted In the Heart of Appalachia

Every sip we create for our customers is the result of a hardworking, curious mind. Our family-owned distillery began as a time for a father and son to bond over their mutual love of science and the art of distilling, and has since grown to a full scale operation that produces award-winning spirits each year. 

Anchored by a multigenerational history in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Cultivated Cocktails is a more than just a beverage company: it's a destination where everyone is treated like family and invited to join our story.


The Howard Family

H&H Distillery (now Cultivated Cocktails) founders father-son duo Wendell and Taylor Howard set out to create a craft liquor uniquely theirs, while still paying tribute to their deep regional roots.

Many of Cultivated Cocktails spirits are named for local points of interest or after the Howard family's history in Western North Carolina.

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Meet  The Team


Wendell Howard

Founder / Owner