(Shipping) Shades of Rose Cocktail Kit: A Dozen Roses

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This cocktail kit contains everything you need to make 16 cocktails, shipped to your door! See details below. Perfect to celebrate your loved one on Valentines Day!

Cocktail Kit Includes:

-bottle of Shades of Rose Gin

-Rose Cordial Syrup by El Guapo

-"Rose Hip" Syrup

-Black Rose Extract

-Lemon Juice

Make sure you are in one of the 30 states we CAN ship to:

Alabama - Yes

Alaska - No

Arizona - Yes

Arkansas - No

California - Yes

Colorado - Yes

Connecticut - Yes

Delaware - Yes

Florida - Yes

Georgia - No

Hawaii - No

Idaho - Yes

Illinois - Yes

Indiana - Yes

Iowa - Yes

Kansas - No

Kentucky - No

Louisiana - Yes

Maine - No

Maryland - Yes

Massachusetts - No

Michigan - No

Minnesota - No

Mississippi - Yes

Missouri - No

Montana - No

Nebraska - No

Nevada - Yes

New Hampshire - Yes

New Jersey - Yes

New Mexico - Yes

New York - Yes

North Carolina - No

North Dakota - No

Ohio - Yes

Oklahoma - Yes

Oregon - Yes

Pennsylvania - Yes

Rhode Island - Yes

South Carolina - No

South Dakota - No

Tennessee - Yes

Texas - Yes

Utah - No

Vermont - No

Virginia - Yes

Washington - Yes

West Virginia - No

Wisconsin - Yes

Wyoming - No

You will receive two different packages. One is going to be from our store with all mixers and the other one is going to come from our speakeasy site with our spirit.

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