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Shades of Rosé Gin

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**If you are looking to have Shades of Rose Gin shipped to you, please visit our online retailer at SpeakEasy Spirits or Spirit Hub. Due to NC Law, we can not ship spirits directly from our distillery. Shipments of spirits into NC of any kind are prohibited by law.

Inspired by frequent Asheville visitor, F. Scott Fitzgerald, we created this beautiful gin with one quote in mind: “Here’s to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life.” We took the base of our Highway 9 Gin featuring 9 aromatic botanicals, then rested it in red wine barrels from Raylen Vineyards located in Winston-Salem, NC. We use their “red blend” barrels which consist of a blend of Cabernet, Grenache, and Merlot. The resting process adds a natural rose color to the spirit and a dry mouthfeel to the sip. Certain botanicals (citrus, juniper, and coriander) are mellowed and rendered softer, while others (cassia) become a little stronger. The result is more warmth, more spice, and a dry red-wine mouthfeel. The bite and sensation of flavor hit the back of the throat, rather than the tip of the tongue. Because of its mellow taste, it exhibits a unique versatility when used in cocktails.

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