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Cocktail Kit: Tropic Thunder

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Craving a cocktail that will teleport you to the Bahamas? While we haven't figured out teleportation (yet), we can at least take your taste buds on a tropical trip! This cocktail kit will bring you all the vacation vibes, but the thunder is reserved for the drink, and not the sky. We recommend pairing it with a nice lounge chair, sunny skies and plenty of SPF! Grab this delicious cocktail kit today!

Kit makes between 16-18 cocktails. Everything you need excluding Alcohol. You can always purchase our spirits in-store, at an NC ABC store, or Can be ordered through Speakeasy distribution or purchased in-store.

Kit Includes these ingredients + recipe card:

-Coconut Cream


-Lime Juice

-Pineapple Passionfruit Soda

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