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Bull in China - LIMITED EDITION: Powder Coated Hawthorne Strainers

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Product Details
Now that we’ve created the only commercial Hawthorne Strainer made in America, our pursuit of innovating and showcasing modern craftsmanship continues. For our next release, we found a totally unique way to finish our already one-of-a-kind product. Please enjoy the first limited edition release in our Powder Coated bar tool series. It turns out, powder coating is both food-safe and an essential process in sanitary medical and surgical settings. Which makes it a perfect fit for our product line. We believe bartending gear should be functional and fun! These have all the features of our original Hawthorne Strainer, but with completely original colors and textures. Why will you want one of our Hawthorne strainers for your own bar? Here are some details we think you’ll appreciate: -Shorter, low profile design, so it’s easy to maneuver, and not too bulky -A hole in the handle is perfect for hanging up while resting between cocktails (or when resting between shifts) -An extra dense
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