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Appalachian Aperitif

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Due to NC Law, we can not ship spirits directly from our distillery. Shipments of spirits into NC of any kind are prohibited by law.

This Cultivated creation is juicy to its core.

While drawing inspiration from the generations of moonshiners that hailed in the mountains surrounding us, we created this crisp aperitif as a modern twist of a cherished apple pie moonshine tradition. This corn-based spirit is decorated with an array of earthy spices and blended with the driest of hard apple ciders. We lightly age the blend in red wine barrels soaked with our crowd pleasing Shades of Rosé Gin and use only the juice from local fresh-pressed apples as a natural sweetener. You can enjoy this aperitif true to form: on its own as a low ABV pallet prepper, or try it topped with your favorite sparkling wine.

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