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Meet Your Matcha

1.5 oz Asheville Vodka

0.5 oz Oak City Amaretto

0.5 oz Cascara Vanilla Mix Iconic Cocktail Co.

2 oz Almond Milk

In a mixing glass, combine aquafaba powder and water. Stir until completely dissolved. Use frother to give aquafaba a foamy consistency, then slowly add simple syrup while still frothing. Once mixture is white in color and thicker in consistency, add matcha powder and continue frothing until powder is evenly dispersed and a nice green color. Allow to sit. In a rocks glass, add vodka, amaretto, vanilla mix, and almond milk. Fill with ice until cocktail sits just below the rim, and stir to combine ingredients. Top with spoonfuls of whipped matcha and garnish with a sprinkle of matcha powder.

Asheville Vodka (44).png

2/3 tsp Vör Aquafaba Powder

3 tbsp Hot Water

2 oz Simple Syrup

3 tsp Matcha Powder

For Whipped Topping:

For Cocktail Base: